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The Global Virtual Dojo Has Taken Off!

While uncertainty still characterises the ‘new normal’ worldwide, the Global Virtual Dojo is up and running with a wealth of knowledge available online to serious members, 24/7, access from anywhere worldwide!

Already more than 200 video classes, four new ones every week, are available for members to use anytime, anywhere, as much as they want to, with four added each week!

Already nine monthly Q and A sessions with topics such as: ‘Breathing and turnaround in Higaonna Kanryo’s Sanchin’, ‘Explain Nun-De in the kata’s Sepai, Pechurin‘, ‘Explain history of Kakie‘, ‘Superinpei could you offer some information about  GO, JU & GE (GO/JU?) mode’, ‘The mix of Heishughata, Kaishughata in our Kata, especially Suparinpei, can you show and explain more ?’ and many more – all available afterwards on video in the Library.

In Pursuit of Excellence Podcast Series

After Pursuing Excellence in my journey on the road of Traditional Karate for almost six decades, I am sharing experiences from this journey and other relevant information in a series of free, fortnightly Podcasts – the ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’, series, hoping that it will help as a road map for the serious to find the way to the essence of pure Traditional Karate.

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