Sensei Bakkies has produced various training videos on Okinawan Goju Ryu fundamentals as well as a basic self defence course. The videos can be purchased as DVD Discs or Video downloads .


Bakkies Laubscher’s Essential Teaching Guide to Classical Okinawan Goju Ryu Series.

Available as complete sets: DVD set of six (6x) Volumes or Online Download set of 15x Videos).

The videos present a step by step walkthrough of Okinawan Goju Ryu fundamentals

Contents of DVD’s:

Volume 1: Gekki Sai Dai Ichi, Saifa
Volume 2: Gekki Sai Dai Ni, Seiyunchin
Volume 3: Junbi Undo, Sanchin, Shisochin, Tsukami, Hike, Tanren
Volume 4: Sanseru, Chi’shi, Kongoken, Bagwork, Kakié
Volume 5: Kurarunfa, Sepai, Makiwara, Tan
Volume 6: Tensho, Sesan, Superinpei, Iri Kumi
Contents of Online Videos:
Volume 1: Gekki Sai Dai IchiVolume 2: Gekki Sai Dai NiVolume 3: Saifa
Volume 4: SeiyunchinVolume 5: ShisochinVolume 6: Sanseru
Volume 7: SepaiVolume 8: KurarunfaVolume 9: Sesan
Volume 10: SuperinpeiVolume 11: Junbi UndoVolume 12: Sanchin
Volume 13: Chi’shi, KongokenVolume 14: Tensho, Tan, HikéVolume 15: Makiwara, Bagwork, Kakié, Iri Kumi
Any one (1x) DVD = USA$20;
Any two (2x) DVDs = USA$30;
Any three (3x) DVDs = USA$50; 
Full set six (6x) DVDs = USA$90. 
One (1x) Video = USA$10; 
Any five (5x) videos = USA35; 
Any ten (10x) videos = USA$65; 
Full set of 15 videos = USA$90 

YouTube previews of the individual videos :Volume 1; Volume 2; Volume 3; Volume 4; Volume 5; Volume 6; Volume 7; Volume 8; Volume 9; Volume 10; Volume 11 ; Volume 12; Volume 13; Volume 14; Volume 15

Pilot Clip – Volume 1

Bakkies Laubscher’s Teaching Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate – Yakusoku Kumite Series

Volume 1 of Sensei Bakkies’s Yaku Soku Kumite Series introduces a system for basic Yakusoku Kumite. The series evolve from basic to ultimately Jiyu Kumite. Volume 1 is a step-by-step walkthrough from basic offensive, defensive techniques in Kihon Ippon Kumite, Kihon Sanbon Kumite advancing to moving Sanbon Ippon Kumite, and Jiyu Sanbon Kumite. Techniques featured in Volume 1 are Jodan Zuki, Mae geri, Uraken Uchi and Mawashi Geri attacks/blocks x counter techniques

Volume 1 Yakusoku Kumite Series DVD consists of eight (8x) videos – a Basic and an Intermediate execution level for Jodan Zuki, Mae geri, Uraken Uchi and Mawashi Geri. Available as a DVD and also as eight (8x) Online Downloads

DVD with eight (8x) videos: USA$50 – Any two (2x) videos = USA$18
– Any four (4x) videos = USA33
– Full set of eight (8x) videos = USA$50 

YouTube Preview:

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